D.E. Filter Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting

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This video basically covers everything you need to know about your D.E. filter. I have various videos on specific cleaning of these filters by brand and some videos on backwashing. All of these can be found in this playlist:

D.E. Filter cleaning, Backwashing & Tips:

The D.E. filter is the best of the bunch as far as filtration goes. It is typically harder to clean however but you get the hang of it fast. I like D.E. filters mainly for their filter clarity, reliability and efficiency.

How Much D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) do I Add?: http://youtu.be/lz97RnlATi0
Cleaning a D.E. filter Top Manifold (Jandy, FNS, Hayward, Titan) D.E. leaking into pool: http://youtu.be/2DOBqlji8fk
Cleaning a Pentair FNS Plus Filter & Troubleshooting: http://youtu.be/rcnW0ckkohQ
Cleaning a Hayward Pro-Grid, Micro-Clear, Super Star-Clear D.E. Filter: http://youtu.be/J9yoczpMbtw
American Products D.E. Filter (CM, RPM & SS), cleaning a: http://youtu.be/q9Y9KkyhQBw
Backwashing your pool filter: http://youtu.be/Z8QRW0Vi-iA
Backwash Valve troubleshooting, changing the piston: http://youtu.be/LfxjwhbANoQ
Backwash Your D.E. Filter – The Ultimate Guide: http://youtu.be/j3CleipKc5A
Backwash Valve Leaking or Stiff -Replacing the Stem O-rings: http://youtu.be/ODRMh8B6cHI
D.E. Filter Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting: http://youtu.be/G4Z21aoJI0g
Perlite Filter Media vs. D.E. (Diatomaceous earth) Filter Media: http://youtu.be/IJJ5TAVC-B8
Perlite Filter Media Filter Cleaning & Backwashing Part 2 of 2:http://youtu.be/AZeuA7zz7VQ
Multi-Tork Filter Socket Tool – For Faster Filter Cleaning: http://youtu.be/aI-rPOSMv-k
Button Hook – Filter Drain Plug Removal Tool & More!: http://youtu.be/JoGVpbSIAkI

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