Get Rid Of Rotten Egg Smell & Iron In Water & Filtrate Whole House – Great For Wells! Works AMAZING!

Big Blue Whole House Water Filtration Installation, tips, and recommendations.

I show in detail how I removed the stinky sulfur smell (hydrogen sulfide) from our house by adding a whole house filtration system. The system is fairly inexpensive and was worth installing. We have a tankless water heater so our odor did not come from a faulty anode that is found in hot water tanks.

This system works great for houses that get their water supply from a well. It is also a great filtration addition to all water systems.

NOTE: I recommend using Hercules Pipe Thread Sealant on the inlet fittings and the 1″ PVC fittings. This will guarantee no leaks after the installation. I should have used it, but the blue Teflon tape I used worked perfect!

We are currently in the process of downsizing our MASSIVE inventory, and we’re documenting the series. Please click the link below to see the first episode.

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