How To Clear Up Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

WEBSITE: for more swimming pool care maintenance tips and instructions about how to clear up cloudy swimming pool water. – Clear Blue Pool – How To Clear Up A Green Pool

There are many reasons why a pool can go cloudy from:

Inconsistent chlorination
Onset of swimming pool algae
Wrong/bad level of cyanuric acid (pool stabilizer/conditioner)
Over-use of calcium hypochlorite
Bather load too high for a period of time
Poorly functioning pool water filters

The above are just a few reasons. There are many more but this particular pool was hit with lots of rain within a few days. The chemicals were off a bit but it doesn’t take much for the pool to go cloudy/green.

I first tested the chemicals. These will determine the course of action to take. I didn’t run to the pool store and buy hundreds of $$ of chemicals. I simply took the readings and make a few adjustments.

First I increased the TA from 50ppm to 80ppm using sodium bicarb. Then 2 hours later I shocked the pool with 2 gallons of liquid chlorine. I allowed the filter to run for 48 hours and sprayed the cartridge filter out twice. And this clear pool is what was left.

Total co$t for clearing up thi$ cloudy/green pool – about .50

for the chlorine, probably 50 cents for the bicarb and about for a little bit of acid to reduce the pH.

Before you panic and go out and buy flocs, algaecides, algae control, clarifiers, coagulants, phosphate removers, Pool Rx, Pool First Aid, Yellow Out, Green Out, Clear & Perfect, and on and on….

Try the simple things first such as understanding your pool water chemistry and filtering the pool water.

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