How To Clean Out Your Pool Pump Basket


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Emptying your pump basket is essential in maintaining your pool as leavers and debris will enter the pump basket through vacuuming your pool, an automatic cleaner or through the skimmer area of the pool. You MUST to the pool OFF first before doing this or the pressure created can be dangerous.

If you have an Above Ground Pool or your Equipment is located below the pool’s water line watch this video also:

I walk you through a variety of different pumps in this video:

Covered in detail:
Pentair Wisperflow
Jandy Stealth
Hayward North Star

Briefly covered:
Hayward Super II Pump
Brass Pump

I wanted to show the different types of pumps and some tips on each. There are a variety of pumps but it is the same basic technique:

Turn the pool equipment off
Take off the lid
Clean the basket
Fill the pump with water
Put lid back on
Turn the pool on
Let air out of the filter

Note that all the examples shown are for pools as the same level as the equipment. If your pool is below sea level you will have to stop the water by closing a ball valve or other valve or stick a Tennis Ball in the pool skimmer.

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